Jolly Roger Radio International
Shortwave radio station from Ireland.


Drop us a line at Jolly Roger Radio International!

Our address is:

Post Box 39,

You can also e-mail us at

17 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hi Joe,

    Haven’t been in touch for ages so thought i would drop a quick note.

    Heard you relay BRI on 6240 with pretty good sginals at times.

    Hopefully will heat JRRI programmes next week nad send you a proper report as i have not had one of your great QSL’s for a few years.

    Hope all is well with you and yours and I will be in touch.



  2. Hi there, found your website and on your list of 101 favorites noticed Lee Simms & the Platte River Band. They are from Colorado and I have lost touch with them over the last couple of years. I have know Lee Simms since the 1970’s. Do you have any current information on them??


  3. Keep up the good work Joe, you are a real blessing to us all with your broadcasting.

    Robb W

  4. Hello friend this message is to inform him of the new service of short wave relay in sudamerica dedicated to retransmitir radio radio stations, dx groups, personal radio programs, and but.
    we have 2 am transmitters with modulation for wide of pulse of 150 w each one for the bands of 31 mts. and 49 mts of short wave and with 2 transmitters of ssb of 200 capable watts to work from 3 to 30 mhz according to the client’s order
    for but information invites to our place web /

    thank you to publish this message.

  5. I have an unsigned rock band in the US.I wanted to see if you would like to hear my music?Thanks

  6. Hey there, guten Tag,
    i would like to send you my mp3 of the song FIRST OF MAY a cover of the Bee Gees Classic, recorded in Nahville, where should i send it ? i also want to send you the new CD 1961 A Love song..
    Would be great to hear from you, Hermann





  9. Hi, I am looking for addresses of dj’s who want some music for playing on their radio shows, also looking for Ted Clark, Dj out of Netherlands, I have an address but not sure if good, since its been years since we;ve been in touch… need an email… Thanks and Keep up the great work!!
    Debbie Dean Nashville Tn

  10. Hello from the US.
    I am looking for Eddie Russell. He was a terrific supporter of my last CD a few years ago. I have a new song I’ve released and would like to send it to him.
    Best wishes,
    Thomasina Levy

  11. Hey, I’m lookin for Eddie Russell. He and I were stationed together in Viet Nam and I haven’t heard from him or seen him in about 30 years. My name is Pat Tucker.

  12. Joe,
    I tried sending you Los Texas Wranglers new CD and it got sent back. Can you contact me so that I can get this CD to you Thanks

  13. Hey! I have a new CD out, too, and would love to get it to you. The email contact doesn’t work, and according to Ryan the snail mail address isn’t good either. How can I get the disc to you for airplay consideration?

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  16. Hi Joe, just sorting through some piccies and videos from our various trips to Ireland in the 80s and found one of Kenny, Luigi and me setting up the aerial at your place, by the cabbages! Blimey, 35 years ago!!! Hope you’re all well.

  17. Hi can I join Group?
    Would like to be Jolly Roger 456
    From West Sussex?

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